Don’t forget that Cookery entries close Sunday 10 May – entries are online at the following link:

After this date late entries will only be accepted with a late fee of $5 per entry.  See the Cookery Schedules and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below for details.

Carefully read the Cookery Schedules on this page (top RH corner) for information before you enter, including Conditions of Entry.  Scroll down on this page to see the Cookery FAQ.  

Looking for recipes, hints and tips?  See the Cookery blog at  Subscribe to the blog for up to date information, also twitter and Instagram. 

Cookery FAQ

How do I enter? 

All entries are online, and open on 2 May 2015, and close on Sunday 10 May.  If you don’t have Internet access to enter, send details of your entries to the Show Society (address is on the Cookery Schedule), and we will enter for you.

Will late entries be accepted?

We receive a large number of entries which must be processed in advance of the Show, and processing entries after 10 May causes a lot of difficulty.  We will however accept a late entry on the payment of a $5 late fee per exhibitor, payable when you deliver your exhibits to the Cookery Pavilion.

How much does it cost to enter, and when and how do I pay?

Entries are $ 1 per exhibit, and 50c if you are a pensioner or on benefits.  Children’s entries are $1 per exhibit, and 50c for the Prep biscuits (class 619), which are not judged.

You pay for your entry when you drop off your exhibits to the Showground at the specified times.

When do I bring my entries to the Showground for judging?

You can bring your entries to the Cookery Pavilion on Wednesday 13 May from 4-6 pm, or Thursday 14 May from 7.30-9.30 am.  No exhibits can be accepted after 9.30 am Thursday.   If you have a very large number of entries, please do not bring them at the last minute, as we will be unable to process them before judging.

When can I collect my entries after the Show?

Entries can be collected from the Pavilion on Sunday 17 May from 5-6 pm ONLY.  Please let us know on delivery of your entry if you do not intend to collect it after the Show.  Entries not collected by 6 pm Sunday 19 May will be disposed of.  Please note that you will NOT be able to collect your entry during the Show.

How do I become a Steward in the Cookery Section?

We love welcoming new Stewards to the Cookery Section, and even if you can only give two hours of your time over the Show weekend or during judging, this would be much appreciated.  This will give you the opportunity to watch the judges at work and get lots of tips on how to produce a winning entry!  See the Cookery Schedule for how to volunteer as a Steward, or email offers of help to

What sort of recipes should I use?

Traditional Show recipes are best for the general classes, and exhibits such as chocolate mud cake, or gateaux are not recommended.  Entries using cream, mock cream, custard or similar icings or fillings cannot be accepted.  See the Cookery blog for lots of good ideas –


The Cookery Section can be found in the Daphne Dowdle Pavilion, named after the late former cookery chief steward of 40 years, and community stalwart, Mrs Daphne Dowdle.

For more information contact chief steward Geraldine Mackenzie at  For more information about children’s cookery contact Chief Steward Catherine Mackenzie at

 Geraldine Mackenzie

Chief Steward, Cookery



Last year the Cookery Section received nearly 700 entries, and the quality was outstanding.  We have a whole wall of Children’s’ cupcakes, so many we had to split them into two different classes for the judging.  Great work!  Also in what must be a first, the overall prize for best Novelty Decorated Cake for the whole Show was won by a Children’s entry, who narrowly beat her own father in the adults section for the accolade!  Now that’s something to crow about. Now there’s a challenge for this year.

If you have ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes, pictured below are some of our 30 volunteer stewards and seven judges who made last years show such a success.  Our cake and preserve judges tasted, poked and prodded their way through every entry, and the decorated cake judge faced an almost impossible task of picking the winners.

A special thank you to each of our wonderful volunteer stewards, many of whom come back year after year.  You do an incredible job, and it wouldn’t happen without you!

See you at the Show!

Children’s judge hard at work

cookery 1 700

Childrens judge hard at work

cookery 2 700