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Dear Needle Crafts & Patchwork Entrant,

With regret, the Needle Crafts & Patchwork committee would like to inform you there will not be a Needle Crafts & Patchwork Display in the Brookfield Hall during the 2018 Brookfield Show.  The matter is totally out of the control of the Brookfield Show Society. The Brookfield Recreational Reserve Trust will commence restoration of the community hall this month, with an expected completion date of June 2018.  The Annual Brookfield Show will however be going ahead, filled with brilliant displays and exciting entertainment.

The Brookfield Show Society has offered us a Marquee in a prominent position to attract the interest of all show goers.  Although the Needle Crafts & Patchwork Committee are devastated by this news we have already committed ourselves to the 2019 show exhibits by fundraising at this year’s Show through raffle prizes, selling homemade items and public relations activities.  You can also collect a copy of our 2019 schedule.

Thank you for your understanding and support, we look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Brookfield Show where your talented works will be displayed in a beautifully restored Brookfield Community Hall.

Please follow our face book page where we will endeavour to keep you updated on the progress of the restorations. Included is a letter from the President of the Brookfield Recreation Reserve Trust committee outlining the situation – click here to download.

Yours in Stitching,

The Needle Crafts & Patchwork Committee



Tina McDougall
Needle Crafts & Patchwork Steward
0419 860 110

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